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Maxocum™ - Increase your Sperm Quantity and Quality


Maxocum™ has helped thousands of men around the world to lead satisfying sex lives and to get rid of their fertility problems. Are you part of the Maxocum™ revolution?

Maxocum - Increases Sperm Quality

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Benefits of using Maxocum™:

  • Boost up to 5 times sperm quantity
  • Improves sperm quality and motility
  • Increase sperm fertility and integrity
  • Flames virility in men
  • 100% safe and doctor endorsed formulation

What is semen and what is its role in fertility?

When a man ejaculates through masturbation or intercourse, he releases semen. Semen is made up of sperm and various other chemicals that help the sperm to stay alive while it interacts with the females eggs (ova). A sperm can be described as an extremely tiny male sex cell and its presence is essential to fertilize a womans egg so that she conceives.

Scientific studies have shown that close to 20% of couples in the world have trouble conceiving. The causes of infertility are many and may involve either male or female or a combination of these factors. Among male factors, 40% is due to sperm-related causes. If the semen that the body produces is not healthy and is in poor condition, then it severely affects the chances of sperm to perform.

Why Maxocum™?

Maxocum™ is a natural formulation of the finest herbs proven to increase virility and semen volume. This results in superior sperm quality and motility. Maxocum™ is absolutely free from side-effects.

How Maxocum™ works?

Semen is directly linked to the type of food that you eat. Maxocum™ is a natural formulation of the finest herbs and nutrients that are very effective in increasing semen volume, sperm count and eventually fertility. Taking Maxocum™ along with a great quantity of water will effectively solve the problem.



Brand Name: Maxocum™
Servings Per Container: 60 Tablets
Chlorophytum arundenaceum
Asparagus racemosus
Withania somnifera
Tribulus terrestris
Pueraria tuberose


Take 1-2 Capsules twice daily. .

Side Effects

Extensive research had ensured that Maxocum™ doesnt possesss any short-term or long-term side-effects. Vitopharma products are the safest herbal formulations; recommended by the most experienced and prominent doctors. Satisfied customers are gaining matchless profits and reordering the product. This confirms the safety and efficacy of the product.

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