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Amlaki™ - Natural healing herbal supplement

  • An anti-oxidant-greatly boosts immune system
  • Supports healthy metabolism, digestion and elimination
  • Cleanses and Eliminates Toxins
  • Great for improving skin, hair and eyes
  • Boosts energy & vitality
  • Helps manage and cope with stress

Amlaki - Immunomodulator

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People today eat and do things that are not good for their bodies and sadly these unhealthy habits affect the body. Unhealthy diet, smoking, and drinking habits all weaken the immune system, which are our body’s defenses against pollutants and toxins. When the immune system is weak it can cause various ailments.

To boost the immune system use Amlaki herbal tablets

Amlaki tablet is made from a potent combination of herbal Amlaki extract and powder which are rich in anti-oxidants and immunomodulator components that fight free radicals, inhibit tissue damage. Promote skin health, reverse signs of aging and promote cell regeneration. Amlaki also assists in improving metabolism and maintaining healthy body weight.

Safe and Effective

How does Amlaki work?

Amlaki tablet is made from a potent combination of herbal Amlaki extract and powder that bolsters immunity, tonifies all the body’s tissues and promotes overall health and well-being. Amlaki is an immunity enhancing tablet that helps to boost immunity functioning and reduce overall weakness and systemic inflammation. It also helps to scavenge free radicals, stop tissue damage and enhance concentration of the anti-oxidant enzymes in body. As an anti-oxidant and immunomodulator, it works effectively in the management of chronic cardiac, liver, skin, digestive tract disorders, respiratory tract and renal tract ailments.


Each Tablet Contains:


Brand Name: Amlaki
Servings Per Container: 60 Tablets
Amlaki Extract(Emblica officinalis) Fruit - 250 mg
Amlaki Powder(Emblica officinalis) Fruit - 250 mg


Take 1 tablet twice daily orally after meals. Follow a regular course to ensure effective relief.

Side Effects

Amlaki is made of pure and natural herb; it assures complete safety and is free of side effects and recommended by the most experienced and renowned doctors.

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